Not much news to report from here but we know there have been many people visiting the ASF page.

We hope that wherever you are in the World you are safe and well and following all your relevant countries guidelines and advice.

This is a very distressing time for many and feelings of loss, loneliness and despair can threaten to overwhelm at times but we need to try and maintain our positivity and the belief that we WILL be able to get back to the sport we all love in the future.

In so far as the ASF event is concerned, we are having ongoing discussions as to the way forward for our well supported event being mindful of dates of other re-scheduled World events. We also must consider travel restrictions and other difficulties those entering may face. So we ask that you bear with us for the time being and we promise to keep you updated of any developments/decisions.

Stay safe and well.

The ASF Organising Committee.


The Groups have been polulated with Country names in order to test the working of the website/program to run the event.

This is not a list of teams who have entered - it is purely for test purposes.


Please note that the age qualify date is as follows -

Competitors must be aged 55 years or over at 1 November 2020

All MNA's have been made aware of this slight alteration.


Invitations to take part in the Championships have been mailed out to all Member Nations.

The entries can only be made through those organisations. We regret we are unable to take applications from individual players/teams.

We look forward to receiving your replies and don't forget if you have any queries please contact

Some countries have already said they will be entering and we have asked Nations to indicate as soon as possible if they intend to take part as given that this is the first event of its kind, we would welcome earlier expressions of interest (without commitment) to assist with the overall planning of the event.

Bowls Cyprus in partnership with Constantinou Brothers Hotels are pleased to announce a new, World Bowls approved, international event to be held in Cyprus in December 2020, namely the Atlantic Senior Fours 2020.

VENUE – Constantinou Brothers Hotels in Paphos, Cyprus.

FORMAT – Fours for Ladies, Men’s and Mixed teams. 15 ends with 21/2 hour time limit.

Ladies & Men’s competitions – to run concurrently over 8 days with sectional play followed by quarter - finals, semi - finals and the finals.

Mixed competition – after the finals of the first 2 competitions, a straight knock-out over 3 days.


INVITATIONS – 30th June 2019

INTENT TO ENTER – 31st March 2020

CONFIRM ENTRY – 30th June 2020

PRACTICE DAY – 3rd December 2020

COMPETITIONS – 4th to 15th December 2020

PRESENTATION DINNER – 15th December 2020

ELIGIBILITY – all Atlantic Championships MNAs can enter up to 2 teams in each of the 3 competitions. All players must be 55 or over at 1st November 2020.

This website will see several updates and changes in the coming months to ensure that all competitors, managers, supporters and spectators are able to view event updates on all devices whether it be on PC, Macs, pads or phones.

The latest news that we have is that live streaming will be available for some of the play.